At Classical Equitation we offer limited spots of quality boarding for your horse.

We take pride in the level of care we offer to every horse and the services we provide for all our boarders. Horses are housed in separate pens where we feed them individually 4 times per day to meet their requirements. Pasture turnout is available in groups or independently.



We make sure that your equine partner is provided with the best quality feed. We include four hay (small square bales) and two grain feedings in our daily routine. All horses have free access to water and salt/mineral blocks. Your board includes the option of supplement(s) or medication to be given on a daily basis.


Every horse is stabled in a generous paddock with open box stall (approx. 12’x12′). All boxes include straw bedding and are cleaned once a day. We always check on horses around 9pm with the final feed to ensure all are good for the night.


Pasture turnout is offered individually, or horses may be introduced into groups (for long term boarding) according to prior agreement with the owner. Pastures are entirely native grass and are connected via trails to the paddocks for water access.


Our facility offers a 60’x120′ indoor arena (dust-free, excellent lighting), round pen, and heated tack room. We also offer a mini trail system which can be used as a warm up/ cool down loop.